Blockchain, uncomplicated.

Through an engaging and personalized approach, we make blockchain come to life!

What is Zero Knowledge Education?

The problem with learning about blockchain is that it’s a very complex subject. Learning about blockchain by reading about it is like learning about gravity by studying Newton’s equations. It’s much easier to drop an apple on your head.

Enter Zero Knowledge Education

Zero Knowledge Education is an organization dedicated to helping anyone, from absolute beginners to finance professionals, learn about blockchain technology.

We make it fun, easy, and accessible by actually demonstrating all the cool stuff blockchain makes possible. Completely customized sessions based on what you’re interested in and your desired learning outcomes. If you have any questions, they can be answered in real time as simply or detailed as you want.

Zero Knowledge Education, as the name suggests, is for everybody.
If you’re:
  • an investor looking to get an edge in the markets
  • an educator who wants to teach your students about blockchain
  • a community volunteer who’s interested in how it could be used within their community
  • an executive wondering how it will affect their industry
  • an employee who wants to be the ‘go to’ person for blockchain in their office
  • someone curious about what the hype is all about
If you are interested in increasing your knowledge about blockchain technology, let’s team up!
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Harry Glynn


Bachelors in philosophy, masters in business management, passion for blockchain.